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We strive to give you the very best internet experience, thats why we use the latest wireless technology available on the market!

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Our service runs on a month-to-month basis, with no contracts and more inportantly no hidden costs!

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We aim to give you the very best possible support with our dedicated team of experts waiting to assist you at any time.

Our story

Edelnet has been supplying high speed internet connectivity to the public since 2006, our wireless connectivity in both rural and urban areas has been more reliable than connectivity via fixed copper lines, which are exposed to weather elements, cable theft and poor maintenance.

We don’t hold you to contracts. Our packages include uncapped options, at fixed monthly rates, which won’t leave you with unexpected extra costs often associated with capped connections, where you pay per megabyte. The packages come complete with your own email address should you wish to have one, if you have one already don’t stress, that one works too. Our VOIP numbers and phones are very competitively priced. These were introduced primarily for areas where our main national service provider cannot safeguard their copper lines anymore. In many of these areas cell phone reception is also very bad. Due to the reliability and pricing, these have also become popular in urban areas. We have restricted our coverage area to ensure that we are not spread too thin on the ground, ensuring quick response times for upgrades and necessary repairs.
About us

Our primary goal was to provide internet services to areas which are not sufficiently covered by the main service providers, and to offer alternate and reliable services to all areas, even those covered at present by others. This is however changing as customers from “serviced areas” are switching over to our wireless connectivity as it is seen to be more reliable than the traditional copper networks.

We attend regular training courses to stay abreast of technology using the latest wireless technology available on the market. In addition to providing wireless internet, we provide networking solutions, VOIP and complete camera surveillance systems with remote viewing access via web and smartphone. The cameras used are IP cameras, meaning that they can be easily added to your existing network without the need for expensive conversion equipment. Our high sites all have battery backup, ensuring 24/7 connectivity. We are a member of the Wireless Access Providers’ Association. The association’s objective is to ensure sustainability of the wireless access services market, and they are our interface to the relevant authorities, like ICASA. Needless to say, we are licensed with ICASA, and only source our equipment from wholesalers who sell ICASA type approved equipment
How Wireless internet works?

A signal is sent wirelessly by high frequency radio waves to repeater stations, or wireless towers, at very low power (100mW or less). From here, the internet signal is sent directly to the customer’s antenna, which feeds his own radio receiver/transmitter, called a CPE. The CPE converts the signal to a format which is understood by the computer’s network system, and is connected to the computer network system either wirelessly (via an additional wireless router), or directly by cable.

The customer’s CPE must have line of sight to the wireless tower (repeater), and will not work if there are any obstructions, eg trees, unless he is very close to the tower. As can be seen, only a short cable is used between the antenna and the CPE. Therefore, the risk of lightening damage is much less than with dial up connections, where the telephone line is exposed for kilometers to the elements.

Our Coverage Area Includes

Albert Falls Camperdown Cramond Dalton Eston Fawnleas Glenside Harburg Hilton Howick Karkloof and Surrounding Areas Mid-Illovo New Hanover Pietermaritzburg Wartburg *Please contact us if your area is not listed above

Give us a shout!

For faults, please send an email to support at edelnet.co.za, or phone the office. Please do not phone our technicians, as they are not authorised to log faults. Due to the fact that we work in areas experiencing poor cell phone reception, please don’t leave voice or sms messages when we can’t answer our phones. If you need to leave a message, send it via email. If messaging is your only option, use WhatsApp. You might have to disable your wireless on your phone to send a WhatsApp message if your wireless internet is down. Sms messages often arrive a day or two late due to poor cell coverage in our areas.

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    +27 33 940 0044


    info at edelnet.co.za