Our Uncapped Packages

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Our Data Packages

Data packages consist of two components – package bandwidth (connection speed), and data. The package bandwidth portion is prepaid while the actual data used is charged for at the end of the month. Total usage is emailed on a daily basis. Unlike capped packages, where unused usage is lost at the end of a month, you only pay for actual data used.



per month

  • 4Mbps Max Line Speed
  • Data Usage @ R25 Per Gigabyte



per month

  • 6Mbps Max Line Speed
  • Data Usage @ R25 Per Gigabyte



per month

  • 8Mbps Max Line Speed
  • Data Usage @ R25 Per Gigabyte



per month

  • 10Mbps Max Line Speed
  • Data Usage @ R25 Per Gigabyte

Pay as you Go Package

This package is aimed mainly for those who only use the internet a few times a year, like at their holiday cottage. There are no monthly subs You are billed at the end of the month for actual data used, at R50/GB. Speed is 4Mbps.

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You guessed it! Our T’s & C’s…

The prices above are as of 1 October 2018 and are subject to change without notice. All of our packages are prepaid, with the exception of the data component in the Data Packages. Line speed are “Up To” the Max Speed and is subject to a “Best Effort” policy. Maximum speeds obtainable depend on equipment capability, distance from repeaters and topography. The uncapped packages are subject to fair usage policies. Connection speeds drop to half speed when the soft cap is reached. There are no contracts, should you wish to cancel you connection, a notification period of one calendar month applies. Reconnection fee: If you your connection was terminated for non payment, a R150 reconnection fee will apply. Cash and cheque deposits into our account attract incurred bank charges. EFT payments are preferred as they do not attract any bank charges. Also note that you need a wireless CPE (customer-premises equipment) for our internet and VoIP connections. Crudely defined, this the the wireless equivalent to an adsl modem. It often needs an extra high gain antenna to amplify the wireless signal and is usually installed outside on your house or office. The installation cost for this depends on what equipment is necessary, and full installation costs start at R2950. These installation costs include one single point connection only. Connecting more than one computer will attract additional installation costs. Package migration: To migrate to another package, we need a request by email. One package change is allowed per month. More changes attract and admin fee of R150 per change. The above package fees do not cover any repairs, maintenance and insurance costs of any installed hardware or software. Once installed and paid, the hardware belongs to you. Please make sure that you insure it appropriately. All prices are net prices. Please contact us for a quote.